Possibilities are endless with our growing and exciting range of electric wheelchairs. To be stripped from your independence, and to be limited to the help of others is one of the most frustrating emotions you could ever experience! Take charge and allow us to help you regain your life, by matching one of our electric wheelchairs to your specific needs.
Pulpit Walker WithOut Wheels
R 430.00
Wheelie Pulpit Walker
Foldable, height adjustable, aluminium walker with wheels
R 530.00
Shopping Rollator
Perfect for that shopping trip. Go fill the storage basket under the seat.
R 1380.00
Eco-Travel Walker
The Eco Rollator gives you the space and comfort in one.
R 1880.00
All In 1 Rollator
The All In 1 Rollator kills 2 birds with 1 stone. It works great as a rollator/walking aid and also as a simple transport wheelchair. It is foldable , with detachable legrests and ample storage space.
R 1980.00