All In 1 Rollator R 1980.00

The All In 1 Rollator is a foldable, aluminum framed walker with detachable legrests. It can serve both as a rollator/walking aid and a simple transport wheelchair.
Mostly indoor use and smooth outdoor surfaces, this is great for somebody who needs both a simple wheelchair and/or rollator.
R 1980.00
Frame type
Foldable aluminum frame
Arm & Leg rests
Fixed armrests , detachable footrests
Frame finish
Powder coated
Padded Nylon (seat and storage bags)
Front wheel
8 inch solid castor
Rear wheel
8 inch solid castor
Seat width
18 inch
Seat length
16 inch
Seat height
20 inch
Overall width
20 inch
Nett weight
10 kg
Gross weight
12 kg
Max user weight
100 kg
Brakes & storage, can be used as rollator and simple wheelchair
Package size
820x880x250 (mm)