ENDURAlite Detachable Scooter R 18980.00

Our 4 Wheel ENDURAlite Detachable Mobility Scooter will not only take you anywhere, but be assured you can take it anywhere! It easily disassembles into 5 easy to handle pieces that fit into most boots! This scooter is sure to open a whole new world of possibilities!!! It has a high energy density rate and is highly reactive meaning it can store more energy. When packed in a battery, it has an energy storage capacity of ±150 watt hours per kilogram of battery. Compared with a lead-acid battery which can typically only store ±25 watt hours per kilogram of battery, a lithium-ion battery can store up to 6 times the energy. This is a big difference and is a huge advantage for mobility equipment.
Indoors and outdoors. This is the way to go, if you can still walk but need some assistance with longer distances.
R 18980.00
Seat type
Height adjustable - 2 setting
Frame type
Easliy disasembled into 5 pieces making it easy go
Light weight Battery Box, Detachable, Highly transportable
Max climb angle
12 degrees
Gross weight
39 kg
Nett weight
37 kg
Max speed
6 km/h
Max user weight
100 kg
Turning radius
Litium 2x 24 v 10 amp
Max range
17 km
Charging time
8-10 hours
Package size
950x500x840 (mm)