Full Recliner Wheelchair R 3250.00

The Full Recliner Wheelchair is a steel framed foldable wheelchair . Its reclining backrest, elevating footrests and extended headrest for adjustment to optimal comfort makes this chair one of a kind.
Indoor and outdoor use for patients with very specific seating/comfort needs.
R 3250.00
Frame type
Foldable, reclining, steel frame with extended headrest
Arm & Leg rests
Detachable arm rests & detachable and elevating foot rests
Frame finish
Powder coated
Padded nylon
Front wheel
8 inch solid castor
Rear wheel
24 inch steel wheel and solid tyre
Seat width
18 inch
Overall width
635 mm
Nett weight
19 kg
Gross weight
21 kg
Max user weight
110 kg
Reclining backrest, elevating footrests, extended headrest.
Package size
830x925x300 (mm)