Possibilities are endless with our growing and exciting range of electric wheelchairs. To be stripped from your independence, and to be limited to the help of others is one of the most frustrating emotions you could ever experience! Take charge and allow us to help you regain your life, by matching one of our electric wheelchairs to your specific needs.
Budget Buddy Electric Wheelchair
The Budget Buddy Electric Wheelchair, is the wheelchair that makes electric wheelchairs affordable again! This great quality electric wheelchair is true value for money and a step in the right direction!
R 14980.00
Standard Electric Wheelchair
The Standard Electric Wheelchair, is a foldable electric wheelchair with detachable legrests. Features on this chair makes it easily transportable. There is nothing standard about our Standard Electric Wheelchair!
R 17980.00
Eco Deluxe Foldable Powerchair
The Eco Deluxe Foldable Electric Wheelchair, is a foldable electric wheelchair with detachable arm & legrests as well as a flipback backrest. Features on this chair makes it very easily transportable and unmatched in comfort!
R 19950.00
Deluxe Electric Wheelchair
The Deluxe Foldable Powerchair, is back by popular demand, NOW IN A 16" & A 20". As before it is a foldable electric wheelchair with flip back arm & detachable legrests, with flip back backrest.
R 24950.00
TravelLite Electric Wheelchair
If you are looking for the perfect chair to travel with but nothing you find is the right one for you, well our TRAVELITE might just be the thing for you.
R 24980.00
AluLithium Powerchair
Our AluLithium Powerchair, is a one of kind folding powerchair with flip back arm rests & removable leg rests and introducing Lithium Iron Batteries. NOW AVAILABLE 15", 16" & 18"
R 29980.00
TraveLite2.0 Wheelchair
With this Duo Function Wheelchair you can have the best of both worlds; A) the ease of an electric wheelchair, & B) the flexibility of self propelling oneself when needed.
R 32980.00
The Reclining High Back of the HD LUXuRECLINE Power Wheelchair is suitable for patients with paralysis or other rehabilitations diseases who would need the support. They are the most economical, high-quality wheelchair on the market today.
R 34980.00
TravelFold Electric Wheelchair
Manual Folding and Unfolding is something of the past with our new TravelFold Electrical Wheelchair,by a Simple push of a button it will be unfolded and ready to use.
R 39980.00
Stand-Up Powerchair
Our Stand-Up Powerchair offers many health benefits previously unavailable to those in a normal wheelchair. By extending the body into a standing position.
R 44950.00